Fruits of the Loom (2019)
MSL (Jade Kallio, Antti Jussila) & Jaakko Pallasvuo
HD video, duration 32


I used to work a real job, but that was a long time ago. The year of the hungry men. Their place - the past, and a series of abandoned summer cottages. In a director's commentary, a communist and a capitalist recall their voyage into a wilderness of leisure time. A domestic cycle of breaking into houses, chasing the ghosts of parties past, and trying to conceive...but what?

Then, like a fragment of future birth, a pierced nose appears in the waters off a summerhouse pier. Time is ruptured, forcing our commentators into action. Even living in the spaces of borrowed family time, they are unable to outrun the seasons of their lives. Finally, the capitalist makes a familiar plea to heal the conflicts in their relationship; they must build something to bring their optimism and despair together synthetically. The waters ice over, ready to incubate. Something new is being born, or is at least arriving. From one perspective - an investment, from the other - Satanic.

Align yourself with a father or play the role of the baby. But remember - this isn't supposed to be therapy.

Description by Marianne Forrest